Human resource strategy

  • Labor policy ensures transparency and compliance with Vietnamese labor law.
  • The experienced and professional leadership team is ready to support employees.
  • Colleagues are sociable, friendly, ready to support for mutual development.
  • Each employee is encouraged and supported to maximize their ability.
  • Personnel is constantly equipped and fostered with professional knowledge and skills.
  • Professional style, dedicated attitude, promote overall work performance.
  • Fubon creates conditions for employees to express their opinions in order to optimize the overall working process.
  • We respect individual differences and give equal rights to everyone to deliver opinions.

Remuneration policy

Fubon believes that investing in people is the most correct and valuable investment. Therefore, we promote the development of the best remuneration policy to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of employees in both material and spiritual terms.
Evaluate transparent capacity, clear promotion career
Commit to having commensurate salary and market competition
Support training, fostering professional skills and soft skills
Develop your career at
Fubon Vietnam